// Communicating through Images


Communicating through Images

A Photographic Postcard Project, Ongoing from 2014

A collaboration between NYC based photographer Julia Briere and myself: http://juliabriere.com/

Julia Briere and Valentina Culley-Foster met while on residency together on the Picture Berlin residency 2013 session. Both photographers had originally been interested in Fashion when they first developed an interest in the medium, but both had moved away from this approach, leaning towards creating narrative documentary imagery when they met in Berlin. Today their personal work surrounds portraiture and urban-/suburban landscape themes. These common photographic interests led to the start of a meaningful friendship and to the intention of sustaining discourses in photography once the residency had ended. Julia lives in New York City and Valentina is now living in Berlin (where she relocated after the residency).

Modern means of communication tend to evolve in the spheres of social media and generally by means of the internet which is the cheapest and fastest option of getting in touch with anyone internationally. Traditional means of correspondence such as letters or postcards that take much longer to arrive at their destination seem to have become out-dated and less common in general society. The photographers decided to use this sentiment as the basis of a photographic project to not only stay in touch, but to continue their dialogue through visual imagery. 

Julia and Valentina regularly send each other a postcard that they have shot from the location they find themselves at the time. The back of the card is a standard layout of a postcard that reads Berlin as a reminder of the place that inspired this duo-project. The handwritten message solely relates to the image on the postcard and a quote is added to reflect the content of the image itself or an aspect of photography that it might relate to. The intention of the project is to raise questions through imagery and to stay in touch through personal documentations on a purely photographic and visual level. 

The resulting series displays both photographers’ postcards together and reflects this visual, cross continent communication. This series is ongoing and will show a development in the approach of each photographer since the start of this form of communication.